Friday, April 11, 2008

Wicket is Simple

Wicket is simple. It took some time for new people working with me to understand. They joined our project a few weeks back. But I found myself incapable of briefing them in a way they could understand. Rather each of them had to have worked actually on wicket to know that. And thats what happened.
One of them told me(After a month of hands on I guess) that wicket was basically made of IModels made of logic which sets and gets values from inputs.It's like the Model is mashed up so really well with the user interaction. Each input can be designed in to a component the way you want. Biggest point, each Componet can be made custom just like that .You could design custom user interactions by just extending from the Component hierarchy. And then there are Behaviors, which can manipulate how a component behaves. All this really as simple as knowing plain object oriented concepts. And what I feel is people who at one/another time wanted to code in core java should try wicket out for themselves. I feel wicket is ready for making/proving itself into a very very useful user-interface api.

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